The Inspiration

We drew inspiration from Sir Gerald Templer's journey to Malaya. A journey that took him from the pristine gardens of an English home to the exotic influences of the Malay archipelago and the unique cultural diversity of the Peranakan era.

The Sanctuary

In an expanse of green amidst the majestic Bukit Takun, lies a sanctuary embraced by the Templer Park and Kanching rainforest reserves, home to various flora, fauna, animals and birds co-existing in harmony since the begining of time.

Our uncanny and unique ability in recognizing land characteristics and developing it to its fullest potential yet again underpinned our vision for Setia Eco Templer.

Working with the Malaysian Nature Society, we have created a natural habitat for the numerous species of birds that can be found in this vast forest reserve while great care has also been taken in transplanting trees within the development as part of our environmental conservation efforts.